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  • Man and woman bear the image and likeness of God also together

    POPE FRANCIS GENERAL AUDIENCE Saint Peter's Square Wednesday, 15 April 2015 [Multimedia] Dear Brothers and Sisters: Continuing our catechesis on the family, today we reflect on the complementarity between man and woman. Scripture tells us that “God created man in his own image… male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27). Man and woman bear the image and likeness of God not only as individuals, but also together. In God’s plan, sexual differentiation is not ordered to subordination, but to communion and procreation. This reciprocity brings harmony and enrichment to the human family. But it... Read more


  • Pray for World Youth Day

    On 13 March 2015, 500 days before World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, the countdown began with the launch of a virtual prayer marathon. The website contains a virtual map that shows us that people all over the world are... Read more
  • Granting of Pontifical Decree to CICIAMS

    On March 6th 2015 the Pontifical Council for the Laity granted to CICIAMS a decree confirming its recognition as an international association of the faithful and approving its statutes. The International Catholic Committee of Nurses and... Read more
  • Safeguarding the human being created as man and woman

    In the 20th Anniversary of the Publication of the Letter of John Paul II to Women written with occasion of the World Conference of the United Nations on Women at Beiging, we publish again a study by the Women’s section with the title “Safeguarding... Read more

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Message from the President

Agora @proLaicis

In this part of our website, we offer our Members and Consultors the opportunity to take part in the life of the Dicastery through digital media. In this space we will publish testimonies, reflections and papers from Members and Consultors in relation to the Dicastery’s activities and research.... Read more

  • Filippo Santoro - Amare Gesù attraverso il carisma

    Come vescovo interpellato da molti amici manifesto la mia gratitudine al Santo Padre per l’invito a non ridurre il carisma di Comunione e Liberazione a etichetta, a cenere, a metodo autoreferenziale, ad essere meri impresari di una ONG. E’ vero che, in mezzo alla confusione generale, siamo... Read more


Woman section: topic of the month

  • Femininity and consecration

    Marta Rodríguez Born in Spain, a consecrated Member of Regnum Christi, Director of the Superior Institute for Women’s Studies at the Pontifical Ateneum Regina Apostolorum, Rome. It seems that the heart of Pope Francis is particularly sensitive to certain themes. Among many others, two are recurrent: women and the consecrated life. Concerning women, the Pope has spoken on several occasions, each time giving rise to interest and questions. He has asked for a renewed theology of woman and for the... Read more

Directory of associations: today we introduce

“Seguimi” Gruppo Laico di Promozione Umano-Cristiana

"Seguimi" Lay Group of Human-Christian Promotion

OFFICIAL NAME "Seguimi" Lay Group of Human-Christian Promotion   ALSO KNOWN AS "Seguimi"   ESTABLISHED 1965   HISTORY The pre-foundation phase of "Seguimi" dates back to the 1960s, and occurred in two... Read more




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