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  • Address of His Holiness Pope Francis to the leaders and athletes of the Italian National Olympic Committee

      ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS TO THE LEADERS AND ATHLETES OF THE ITALIAN NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE Vatican Basilica  Friday, 19 December 2014 [Multimedia]   Dear Friends of the CONI, I address my cordial greeting to all of you, and I thank the President for his gracious words. In our era, sport is right at home in the Church, and this meeting proves it: we are celebrating together your centenary, an important anniversary for Italian sport. For 100 years the Italian National Olympic Committee has promoted, organized, led sport in Italy, not only with regard to great world events such as the Olympics, but also by enhancing its popular, social, educational and cultural aspects. It does so by drawing inspiration from the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter, which, among its main principles, poses the centrality of the person, the harmonious development of humankind, the defense of human dignity, and also that of contributing “to building a peaceful and better world, without war or tension, by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind... with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play (International Olympic Committee, Olympic Charter, n. 6). Sport has always favoured universality characterized by fraternity and friendship among peoples, understanding and peace among nations, out of respect, tolerance, harmony of differences. Every sporting event, especially those of the Olympics, where... Read more


  • Opening of the cause of beatification for Chiara Lubich

    On January 27, 2015, His Excellency Msgr. Raffaello Martinelli, bishop of Frascati, opened the process for the opening of the cause of beatification for Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Opus Mariae (Work of Mary) - Focolare Movement. In the diocese... Read more
  • WYD 2016 theme song released

    The official theme song for World Youth Day 2016 (Krakow, 26-31 July 2016) was performed in public for the first time in Krakow on 6 January, the feast of the Epiphany. The song is entitled “Blessed are the Merciful”. It takes its inspiration from... Read more
  • Ecclesial Movements’ missionary conversion

    The second day of the Third World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities was characterized by the introductory lecture of Professor Guzman Carriquiry, who had long be Under Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity and who... Read more
  • The joy of the Gospel: a challenge for the movements

    Today the third world congress of the New Ecclesial  Movements and Communities, organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, began in Rome. The world congress is a reply to the call made by Pope Francis for a missionary conversion,... Read more
  • Third World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities Press Conference

    On Friday November 14, in the Press Office  of the Holy See, a press conference took place to introduce the Third World Congress of  Ecclesial Movements and New Communities. Initially, Cardinal Rylko, President of the  Pontifical... Read more


Woman section: topic of the month

  • Mother and worker: conflicting roles?

    Isabelle Cassarà Pontifical Council for the Laity Mother Italy To reconcile work outside the home, the demands of family and the upbringing of children is a growing challenge for women today.  The struggle to achieve political, social and financial equality for women and men has led over time to a gradual process of emancipation for women with various implications. One of these, and certainly of great importance, is that of allowing the entry of women to the professions and their... Read more

Directory of associations: today we introduce

"Pope John XXIII Community" Association

OFFICIAL NAME "Pope John XXIII Community" Association   ALSO KNOWN AS Pope John XXIII Community   ESTABLISHED 1968   HISTORY At the end of the 1950s, convinced of the importance of being present with the young people to... Read more




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