Safeguarding the human being, created as man and woman


John Paul II wrote his Letter to Women in 1995, the year in which the Fourth World Conference on Women took place in Beijing. Blessed John Paul II did not want this important occasion to pass without the voice of the Church being heard. On numerous occasions during the year he had reflected on the dignity and vocation of women, such as in the World Day of Peace message, during the Angelus addresses and Wednesday general audiences, the Letter to Priests for Holy Thursday, his personal message to... Read more

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A Synthesis by the Women’s Section – Pontifical Council for the Laity



What changes have taken place in the so-called “feminine question” since 1995? We see that there have been social, cultural and political victories for women in many parts of the world.

The Letter to Women from Blessed John Paul II


The Letter of John Paul II to Women was signed on 29 June 1995, published on Monday 10 July, and presented at a press conference chaired by the then-president of the Pontifical Council ...

The 4th United Nations World Conference on Women


The 4th World Conference on Women held in Beijing in early September 1995, took place amid high expectations because it was a huge international event taking place in...



Our objective in compiling this study was to look again at the events of 1995, the year in which John Paul II published his Letter to Women and the United Nations convened the 4th World Conference on...

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