XXVI Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Laity

Proclaiming Christ in a digital age

Rome, 5 -7 December 2013

  • Internet: a new frontier that is opening up at the beginning of this millennium

    The choice of the theme “Proclaiming Christ in the digital age” for the 26th Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Laity comes from the realisation that the world of digital communication has profoundly changed the landscape of the cultural and social life of our planet in a very short... Read more
  • Press Release - Proclaiming Christ in a digital age

    The XXVI Plenary Assembly held by the Pontifical Council for the Laity will take place from 5 - 7 December 2013 at Villa Aurelia, Rome. The theme of the Plenary is: Proclaiming  Christ in a digital age, a topic confirmed by the Holy Father Francis, as well as by his predecessor Pope Benedict... Read more


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Thursday 5 December

8.00 Eucharistic Celebration
Card. Stanisław Ryłko

9.15 Greeting to participants and introductory remarks:The proclamation of the Gospel in a globalized world Protagonists, instruments and methods
Card. Stanisław Ryłko ITA

Everything in a click. The virtual world: components and goals
Prof. Mario Pollo ITA

A profile of human beings in a digital world: a great power in fragile hands
Prof. Tonino Cantelmi ITA

Evangelization and the web: opportunities and illusions
Fr. Antonio Spadaro ITA

19.30 Evening prayer

Friday 6 December

8.00 Morning prayer

8.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: The hidden face of the internet

From relationship to connection: anthropology of the social network
Prof. Vincenzo Comodo ITA 
Digital natives and the “educational emergency”
Prof. Michela Pensavalli ITA
Caught in the web. Pornography and other addictions
Prof. Luigi Janiri ITA
Does the Internet generate monsters? Virtual arenas and real violence
Dr. Ribolsi  ITA
The techno-religiosity: an entangled faith
Prof. Angelo Romeo ITA

15.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Treasures to be found on the web

Information and communication
Dr. Michele Zanzucchi
Institutional websites
Prof. Daniel Arasa ESP
Techno-solidarity: self-help groups and digital generosity
Dr. Michel Roy ENG
How can we educate people to use internet?
Fr. Jonah Lynch ITA

Christian presence on the web. The current situation and future prospects
Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli ITA

19.00 Eucharistic Celebration

Saturday 7 December


8.00 Morning prayer

www.laici.va. The Dicastery online
Dr. Francesca Acito

12.00 Papal Audience
Speech of the Holy Father ITA

15.30 Program review and plans of the Pontifical Council for the Laity
Bishop Josef Clemens

16.45 Debate and Concluding Remarks

19.00 Eucharistic Celebration
Bishop Josef Clemens

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