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W.A.F. was formerly known as the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima. It was founded as a parish organization in St. Mary’s Parish, Plainfield, New Jersey USA by the late Monsignor Harold Colgan, who experienced an inexplicable recovery from a terminal heart condition in 1946 after praying to Our Lady of Fatima. He devoted his priesthood to spreading the Message of Fatima in response to the real danger that atheism and totalitarianism posed to world peace. Together with Mr. John Haffert, an American publisher, he worked to make the Blue Army a national organization in the USA and finally, with the collaboration of the Bishop of Leiria, Dom Joao Venâncio, the Blue Army became an international private association of the faithful with its headquarters at Domus Pacis, Fatima, Portugal. The foundation of the International Blue Army took place at the House of Pontevedra, Spain, where Our Lady appeared to request Communion of Reparation every First Saturday. After many decades of intense apostolic work, Professor Américo Pablo López Ortiz proposed a new mission envisioned in the new evangelization of the world, through the specific “charism” of spreading the authentic Message of Fatima.

On 7 October 2005, Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary,  the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of an international association of the faithful.


The mission of the W.A.F. is the new evangelization pursued through the promotion of the authentic Message of Fatima. Our Lady of Fatima asked for a deeper love and reverence for the Most Holy Trinity that leads to renewal in one’s life, for prayer and penance in reparation for sin and for the conversion of sinners, for a more genuine devotion to the Eucharist, devotion to the Holy Rosary prayed in meditation and for the consecration to her Immaculate Heart. The urgent need for a response to this message, and for its active promotion for the sake of the salvation of souls and of peace, is by God’s grace, the moving force behind the spread of the W.A.F. throughout the world.

“Fatima, in its message and its blessing, is conversion to God. Here in this place we can feel and bear witness to the redemption of humankind through the intercession and help of Our Lady whose foot crushed, and will always crush, the head of the serpent of old” (Pope John Paul II, Greetings during the Marian Vigil at the Shrine of Fatima, May 12, 1991).

In the words of Pope John Paul II: “The evangelical call to repentance and conversion contained in Our Lady of Fatima’s message remains ever relevant. It is even more relevant now than it was 65 years ago. It is now more urgent” (Pope John Paul II, Homily at the Mass in the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, May 13, 1982).


An International Council meets every four years and elects from its members a Board of Trustees consisting of nine members (International President; International Vice-President; Treasurer; International Secretary; 5 Trustees). They serve until the next International Council.

The W.A.F. has a permanent agent, appointed by the Board of Trustees and located at Domus Pacis, Fatima, Portugal, known as the International Secretariat. The International W.A.F. is divided into regions and national members belong to their respective regions.


The W.A.F. has millions of members in 57 countries as follows: Africa (12), Asia (11), Europe (14), North America (2), Oceania (4), and South America (14).


The great objectives of Our Lady of Fatima will be accomplished through the spiritual practices of the members.
Cell prayer groups encourage reparation, the prayer of meditation and Eucharistic adoration. Children and young people practice the Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament in imitation of Blessed Francisco Marto of Fatima.
The W.A.F. is devoted to the formation of the faithful, especially families, toward the new evangelization through the Message of Fatima.

Seminaries, spiritual retreats and congresses on the new evangelization take place all over the world to prepare new leaders to make possible “the civilization of love”, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary announced in Fatima. The W.A.F. is also a facilitator providing to other Church groups, parishes, schools and associations, the spirituality of Fatima as a way to enrich their Christian life in defense of “the culture of life” over “the culture of death”.


Messenger of the World Apostolate of Fatima, quarterly magazine. National and Regional magazines are also published.



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