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TAM has its origins in the Archconfraternity of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate and Teresa of Jesus founded in 1873 by St Henry de Ossó in Tortosa, Spain, for young women wishing to fully live their faith and bear witness to Christ in a changing society, besieged by the seeds of atheism and secularisation sown by the changes in the 19th century. TAM was created in Rome at the initiative of the Company of St Teresa of Jesus of which it forms part and together with which it makes up the Teresian Family. On 12 July 1977 the Pontifical Council for the Laity officially recognised the Movimiento Teresiano de Apostolado as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.



TAM’s charism comprises three dimensions: interiority, apostolic action and community. Animated by the spirituality of St Teresa of Jesus, the Movement sets out to stimulate its members to know and love Jesus and to make him known and loved. The essential means of formation are daily prayer, spiritual retreats and community prayer; participation in the Church’s liturgical life and in particular the Eucharist; meditation on the Word of God; devotion to Mary as Mother and model of virtue; reading the writings of St Teresa of Jesus. The formation pathway proposed by TAM, which is strongly rooted in the Magisterium of the Church, emphasises initiation in the knowledge and love of Jesus, for children; the practice of Christian virtues and the apostolate, for youths; and for adults, doctrinal studies and apostolic commitment. The specific fields of the apostolate for the members of the Movement are family, professional, social and political life, education, the parish and welfare works.



TAM comprises three branches: Friends of Jesus for boys and girls; Youths for teenagers and young people of both sexes; Communities, for adults. The Movement, animated by sisters from the Company of St Teresa of Jesus, is governed by collegiate bodies and individuals who work at the general, provincial and local levels, under the guidance of their Company Superiors, who normally entrust this responsibility to sisters delegated by TAM.



TAM has about 37,600 members, including children, youths and adults, in 21 countries as follows: Africa (3), Asia (1), Europe (3), North America (6), and South America (8).






Movimiento Teresiano de Apostolado

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