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Promoting Group of the Movement for a Better World



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The Movement for a Better World was established in Rome in response to the appeal for renewal launched by Pius XII to the Church in his radio message, known as the "Proclamation for a Better World". The preaching of Fr Riccardo Lombardi S.J. led to the dissemination of the "Exercises for a Better World" from 1943 to 1956 and the opening at Rocca di Papa (Rome) of the Pius XII International Centre which was donated by that Pope for the training of community leaders. Between 1956 and 1965 the Promoting Group gathered around Father Lombardi, renewing methods and action strategies. Between 1965 and 1975, the Movement developed courses of study on change, dialogue, secularisation, the Church as the people of God, and the world; it launched the "New image of the parish" project; it decided to decentralise, going beyond the Pius XII Centre. From 1975 to 1989, it broadened its study courses to the concepts of participation and justice; pastoral projects were drawn up for young people, families, ministries and religious Institutes; the diocesan renewal- vangelisation Project was launched. In the decade following the death of Father Lombardi, in 1979, the Group reorganised itself into local, regional and national teams; it focused on the renewal of the local church or diocese; it developed study courses on the signs of the times, spirituality of communion, and solidarity; it added to its traditional name the words "Service of Community Animation". On 14 December 1988 the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of the Gruppo Promotore del Movimento per un Mondo Migliore as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.



The PG of the MBW is an intervocational group at the service of the renewal-conversion of the Church and society, in universal unity, for the salvation of the world. The purpose of the Group is to promote a movement for a better world: "movement" in the sense of being the spirit or the historical dynamism which is grafted onto, and is lost in, the more global dynamism of the Church and the world. It is a group of animators. It begins with a reading of the signs of the times, and by calling human groupings to conversion, it opens up ever broader horizons to them. It promotes the spirituality of communion through renewal- vangelisation projects for religious Institutes, parishes and dioceses. It is characterised by its community view. Loving God, loving one’s neighbour and desiring the common good implies building up everyone together as a People of God, making them aware of methods which make it possible to reach community holiness. Members continue to belong to their own community of origin which they represent as they place themselves at the service of the whole project, and to which they return at the end of their term or period of service.



Every local Group has a Directorate, comprising local, regional and national teams, which promote the renewal-conversion projects through sensitisation, study and operational commitment. The local Groups are organised internationally into geographic areas, to experience communion and cooperation through action and apprenticeship in apostolic work, in terms of their respective plans. Every area has a Coordinator and a Coordination Team. The Coordinators, together with the General Directorate, form the International Animation Group, which meets every year. The culminating moment in the life and mission of the association is the General Assembly or Pastoral Cenacle, which meets every four years, and at which the five-person General Directorate is elected. The study and research work is coordinated by the International Reflection Team. Every four years, the PG of the MBW conducts research, using the scientific investigation method, in order to become more fully conscious of the state of the Church and the world, and to update its own patrimony and instruments of service.



The PG of the MBW has about 600 members, and is present in 37 countries as follows: Africa (8), Asia (3), Europe (13), North America (4), Oceania (2), and South America (7).



Gruppo Promotore del Movimento per un Mondo Migliore

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