The dignity of mothers and obstetricians- Who on earth cares!





Date: August 31st - September 4th, 2011


Place:Istituto Maria SS Bambina, Rome




Organisation:Matercare International


Sponsors:World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC)



Under the Patronage of:

The Pontifical Academy for Life

The Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care 

"Quodcumque dixerit vobis, facite"



MOTHERHOOD.  To appreciate the importance of motherhood in our contemporary world at least four complementary approaches must be envisaged by those in whose professional expertise this responsibilitylies. 


FIRSTLY, the Catholic Obstetrician must be medically COMPETENT, skilled in all that concerns matters obstetrical and gynecological. This not only involves being informed professionally in all the skills associated in helping mothers medically. Legal, and social aspects are a fundamental part of the doctor's remit. 


SECONDLY, the Catholic doctor must have the CONVICTION that Catholic teaching on ethics, magisterially guided, is not only true but totally beneficial for the patients requiring medical assistance within the scope of his or her competency.


THIRDLY, this involves the doctor's appreciation of the nature of society at large and of each particular local COMMUNITY within it.  Motherhood is foundational for the flourishing of every society, and for every individual community which is a constituent part of that society. 


FOURTHLY, the doctor must appreciate that motherhood is so fundamental to human existence that profound COMPASSION is necessary. This involves compassion for all mothers and families, believers or not, who suffer to beget and bring up their children.


Day 1  Wednesday   August 31st

9:00 am MaterCare International Retreat

Theme “Let Us Pray about Our Lives and Professions"

Directed by Fr. Richard Taylor

MaterCare International’s  Spiritual Advisor 


1:00 pmLunch


3:00 pmMaterCare International Board Meeting 

All welcome


5:00 pmRegistration


6:30 pm“Welcome Reception ” 

Dr. Bogdan Chazan (Poland)

Chairman, MaterCare International 

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

CEO and Medical Director, Holy Family Hospital Warsaw 

Dr. Jose Maria Simon de Castellvi (Spain)


FIAMC (World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations)

Professor Vincenzo Sarraceni (Italy)

President, Italian Catholic Medical Association

Professor Robert Walley

Founder and Executive Director, MaterCare International


7:30 pm Dinner on your own


9:00 pm“Get Acquainted” gathering on the roof of the Bambina.


Day 2 Thursday September 1st 

8:30 amHoly Mass

Celebrant and Homilist

Archbishop/Doctor Ignacio Carrasco de Paulo

President Pontifical Academy for Life 

9:30 amOpening Address

Archbishop/MD Ignacio Carrasco de Paula

President of the Academy for Life

Our Lady and Her Divine Motherhood and the Dignity of all Mothers 

10.15 am Introduction of Conference Themes

Rev. Richard Taylor

MaterCare International’s Spiritual Advisor (United Kingdom)



10:35 amBreak

11:10 amThe Witness of the Catholic Obstetrician; A Sign of Contradiction in the World of the Culture of Death


11:50 amThe Sacredness of Conscience, and legislative attacks on the Right to Practice according to Conscience.

Senator Ronan Mullen (Ireland) 

12:30 am Questions and Discussion


1:00 pmLunch



3:00 pmFaith and Reason. The Obstetrical Implications of Fides et Ratio

Professor Stratford Caldecott (United Kingdom) 

Oxford University 

3:40 pmEvangelisation and Training of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: the Role of the Magisterium.

Rt Rev Msgr Suaudeau MD

Official, Pontifical Academy for Life

4:20 pmDignitas Personae Explained

Rev Maurizio P. Faggioni MD

Ecclesiastical Assistant FIAMC  

5:00 pmMotherhood and the New Feminism  

Dr Leonie Caldecott (United Kingdom

5:40 pm Questions and Discussion





Day 3  Friday September  2nd 

8:30 amHoly Mass and Homily

H.E. Zigmunt Zimowski

President, Pontifical Council for Health and Pastoral Care.



9:30 amThe Current Political Climate and the Rights of Mothers.

Congressman Christopher Smith (N. J. USA) 

10:10 amThe Hope of Motherhood for Africa 

Dr. Henrietta Williams (Nigeria)

10:40 am Break 

11:00 amMaternal Mortality and the 5th Millennium Development Goal

Dr. Donna Harrison (USA)

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

11:40 amThe New International Abortion First Policy

Dr. Susan Yoshihara (USA)

Executive Vice – President 

Catholic Family and Human Rights Foundation

12:20 pmQuestions and Discussion


1:00 pmLunch




3:00 pmThe International Pro-life Movement

Mrs. Marie Smith (USA)

3:40 pmDemographic Decline and Policies that Promote Families

Nikolas T. Nikas  (USA)

3:55 pmLaw, Policy & Medical Screening to Protect Mothers from Abortion Coercion 

Dorinda C. Bordlee (USA)

4:10 pm Global Contraception – Global devastation

Dr Rudolf Ehmann (Switzerland)

4:50 pmThe Complications of Induced Abortion

  Dr Elvis Seman (Australia)

Consultant Obstetrician

5:30 pmThe Trouble with IVF

Dr Bogdan Chazan (Poland)

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

Chairman of the Council of MaterCare International 

Director of the Holy Family Hospital, Warsaw \

6:10 pmQuestions and Discussion

6:30 pmClose

8:00 pmDinner

Day 4 Saturday September 3rd 

8:30 amHoly Mass and Homily

His. Eminence. Elio Cardinal Sgreccia

President Emeritus

Pontifical Academy for Life


9:30 amRunning a Natural Family Planning unit in a Catholic Hospital  

TBA (Italy)

10:10 am Training programmes in Naprotechnology

Dr Phil Boyle (Ireland)

Naprotechnology Will it Work in Africa?

Dr. Eileen Reilly (Scotland)

10:50 am Break 

11:10 amManagement of Severe Prematurity 

Professor Giuseppe Noia (Italy)

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Gemelli Hospital 

11:50 amPerinatal Palliative Care as an alternative to Eugenic Abortion

Dr. Sylvie de Kermadec (France)

12:30 pmQuestions and Discussion


 1:00 pmLunch 


3:00 pmMaterCare International’s Model of Rural Obstetrics.

Dr. Robert Walley (Canada)

Executive Director MaterCare International 

Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

3:40 pmExperience with Obstetric Fistulae

Dr. Yayoi Takei (Japan)

Obstetrician and Gyaecologist

4:00 pm              Experience in Haiti

4:20 pm              Dr Piotr Klimas (Poland)

             Resident in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

4:40 pm Use and Abuse of Psychiatric Drugs in Pregnancy

Dr. Barry Duncan/Marcia Barbacki (USA)

5:00 pm Maternal Health Care. A “Maternal Marshall Plan” – A “New Deal” for Mothers.

Round table Discussion

5:40 pm Questions and Discussion

6:00 pmClose


8:00 pmDinner


Day 5 Sunday  September 4th 

8:30 amClosing Mass and Homily

Rt Rev. Anthony Ireri Mukobo

Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Isiolo, Kenya



Papal audience requested.  


Social events;

Informal gathering on the roof of the Bambina each evening 

Private visit to the Vatican museums requested.

Movies to be shown each evening

Love is a Choice  - The Life of St/Dr Gianna Beretta Molla

The Demographic

Eggsploitation – The Infertility Industry has a Dirty Secret

Baby Steps Live from the Womb - 16 Stages of Pre-Birth Development  

Videos on the development of MaterCare’s Project Isiolo


Book Reviews

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