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International Movement of Catholic Students

IMCS-Pax Romana


IMCS-Pax Romana was established at Fribourg, Switzerland, as "Pax Romana", at the service of the University world in that period of history in which Pius XI’s idea of Catholic Action had not yet developed in every country, and before the existence of the model of specialised Catholic Action. Originally designed as a Catholic Confederation of students throughout the world, the purpose of the movement was to evangelise the University world, giving students a critical vision of reality and training them to become committed to transforming their own social environment. In 1947 Pax Romana was created as two movements: IMCS as the undergraduates’ branch, and ICMICA as the professionals’ branch. It was in the 1960s that IMCS and International Young Catholic Students began working very closely together, which led to the establishment of the IYCS-IMCS International Coordination, and the drafting of a joint Pastoral Project. As an NGO, it has consultative status under Ecosoc and Unesco. The MIEC was already recognised by the Holy See as an international Catholic organisation. On 3 October 2013, the Pontifical Council for the Laity, approving the new Statutes, reconfirmed the recognition of MIEC as an international association of the faithful.

The aim of IMCS is to develop a learning experience which helps students to become more deeply aware of their own faith in Jesus Christ as an experience to which they bear witness through their commitment to build up a more just society; to promote the apostolate of students among students; to cooperate with all those who are working to build up a more equitable social order at the national, continental and international levels. The association, which represents Catholic students at international level in universities and higher education, pursues its objectives by trying to spread Catholic student movements throughout the world; by providing students and ecclesiastical assistants of the member movements with the chance to meet in order to reflect on issues relating to the specific situation in each continent and on matters relating to international life; by giving guidance for the member movements to act jointly, cooperating with other international organisations.

IMCS is managed by the International Committee, comprising delegates of the movements in every continent; the Regional Teams, the members of the outgoing International Team, and the candidates for the new International Team as observers. The executive body of the movement is the International Team comprising the President, the General Secretary, and the general Ecclesiastical Assistant. Membership of IMCS is open to full members (associations of Catholic students in universities and higher education establishments), ecumenical members (national associations with a substantial number of Catholic student members) and corresponding members.

IMCS has 74 member associations in 64 countries as follows: Africa (25), Asia (11), Europe (15), Middle East (1), North America (5), Oceania (2), and South America (5).

Newsletter International, a quarterly newsletter in French, English and Spanish.


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