International Catholic Conference of Guiding


International Catholic Conference of Guiding



ICCG was originally established by some 20 organisations belonging to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The first meetings of Catholic Guide leaders from different countries began in 1948, and were held every three years; in 1953 the Secretariat was established to guarantee contacts and exchanges between one meeting and the next. As the initiative developed, the idea emerged to set up a permanent structured organisation. In 1977, at the World Council in Rome, the ICCG adopted the Catholic Guides Charter which laid down the principles for its work. Previously recognised by the Holy See, the ICCG was confirmed as an International Association of the Faithful by the Pontifical Council for the Laity’s decree of 29 June 2009.

ICCG brings together the national Catholic guides associations, national inter-denominational guiding organisations with a Catholic majority, and national groups of Catholic guides. Its purpose is to help the member organisations to transform guiding into a real instrument for education in the faith, and to publicise its educational value, activities and its experience with interdenominational/interfaith cooperation.

The ICCG is governed by the Council which has decision-making powers and meets every three years, comprising the members of the Secretariat, two representatives of every member organisation and their Ecclesiastical Assistants; the Secretariat, which has executive functions, is composed of the General Secretary, who represents the Conference, the General Ecclesiastical Assistant, the Deputy Assistant, and 4/6 members elected by the Council.

ICCG has 37 Member Associations and 12 Corresponding Associations in 49 countries as follows: Africa (12), Europe (19), Middle East (2), North America (7), and South America (9). Its activities involve about 2 million Catholic Guides.


Conférence Internationale Catholique du Guidisme
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