Il primo giorno di Papa Francesco a Rio



The Pope that comes from the “ends of the earth” returns today to this “world’s end” in order to meet the youth, that from all corners of the globe, have responded with gusto to his invite.

The city of Rio has welcomed both the young people and Pope Francis with open arms and great enthusiasm: the crowd enveloped the little car that brought the Holy Father from the airport to the city centre; everyone cheered with hands up high, and Pope Francis smiled, waved and blessed the Brazilian people. 

Right from the very first “hello” Pope Francis said he had neither silver nor gold, but that he brought something much more precious that was given to him, Jesus Christ: “I hope that my greeting reaches each and every person: the peace of Christ be with you all!”

After the Pope’s greeting and embrace of the people, the youth and everyone else from Rio poured out into the streets, while a light rain started to fall: but the weather didn’t chase anyone away, each person seemed to want to savour that embrace, to linger upon his words, to carry them out properly and discover through them that treasure which Francis came to bring to Latin America: Jesus Christ, His love, His peace. 

Pope Francis' First Day in Rio

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