Expo 2014 Unity World Cup in Goa

Expo 2014 unity world cup

The John Paul II Foundation for Sports in Goa, an ecclesiastical body of the Archdiocese of Goa is hosting an International Football Championship called the Expo 2014 Unity World Cup in India during the Exposition of the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier which happens every 10 years at Old Goa.

In this Expo 2014 Unity World Cup, 8 Teams representing their countries are being invited to participate in this great event being held from 6th to 14th December 2014. The different matches will take place in Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The purpose of this tournament is to bring a closer relation between children and the Church and use the event to teach values to those who will attend the Matches and the Football training clinics/workshops that are being conducted by the visiting teams. It will also help bringing young people to come closer to God through several personal experiences being shared by players from different parts of the World.

The exposition itself will bring pilgrims from across the world and therefore it will be an opportunity also for players, coaches and officials to visit Goa as pilgrims and ambassadors of God using football as a media for teaching value education etc. In fact the event will leave a legacy for other countries to follow and host similar events in the future.

To know more about the Expo 2014 Unity World Cup, go to the John Paul II Foundation for Sports website: http://www.jp2f4sgoa.org.in/worldcup/index.php

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